Code of Ethics

The credibility of any institution of learning rests not just with the standard of education provided by the institution, but with the ethics displayed by the students who have passed through the institution.

GMA owes it to her students to maintain a high level of integrity and ethical standards at all times. While providing students with a high standard of maritime education, we inculcate moral principles in them which help them to achieve personal growth and self-discipline.

Students are expected to give themselves to learning, so as to be able to sit for exams with confidence and pass with excellent grades. Cheating at any level during examinations is not acceptable.

Our training ensures that students are able to independently practice their field after graduation. Thus students are expected to attend lectures regularly and attentively, do their assignments or test and pass their exams.

We ensure that any form of cheating is dealt with swiftly and decisively in order to maintain the integrity of the Institution.

Students are to abide by the rules and regulations of the institute throughout their programmes of study. Failure to do so will attract the appropriate disciplinary measure stipulated in the school's rules and regulations.

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