School Work

Test/Assignments/Term Paper

As studies progresses, students will be required to write tests, do assignments or write term papers, as may be required by the lecture.


Examination is a prerequisite for the award of ND. Any student that fails to write his or her exams, cannot graduate from the Institution.

Final Year Project

Project is also a prerequisite which is in partial fulfillment for the school's requirement for the award of ND. Any student who fails to carry out his or her project cannot graduate from the Institution.

SIWES Programmes

Supervised Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) also known as Industrial Attachment, shall be taken during the long vacation following the end of the second semester of the first year by every student.

Guidelines on SIWES Programmes is as follow:

1. Responsibility for Placement

Students are expected to look for and arrange for their placement in the Industry, while the Institute will make available by May 30 each year, Four (4) copies of letters introducing such students to the companies.

2. Evaluation of Students during the SIWES

In the evaluation of the student, cognizance will be taken of the following items:

  1. Punctuality
  2. Attendance
  3. General Attitude to Work
  4. Respect for Authority
  5. Interest in the Field
  6. Professional Competence

3. Grading of SIWES

To ensure participation by all students there shall be grades for SIWES which will be component of project scores.

4. Institution Based Supervisor

The Institution based Supervisor shall initial the log book during each visit. This will enable him to assist students having any problem regarding specific assignment given to them by their Industry-based Supervisor.

5. Frequency of Visit

The Institution shall ensure that students placed on attachment are visited within one month of their placement. Other visits shall be arranged so that:

  1. There is another visit six weeks after the first visit.
  2. A final visit in the last month of the attachment.

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