Student Services

Career/Course Advisers

Not every one can tell where he or she rightly fits in at once and therefore may need some guidance.

GMA operates a career advisory center for students or would be students.

Sometimes one might want to rub mind with experts, who can properly direct as to which career in Shipping or the Maritime Industry to follow, or a student might have problems with his or her courses.

This center is just right for that purpose and it is free.

Counseling Center

In GMA we are interested in the well-being of students. Studying in school can be stressful. And sometimes, it could be psychological (mental or emotional) distress which may interfere with the student's academic studies.

For this, the student might need some counseling to get the student happily back to study.

GMA counselors are professional and as such, they take students concerns seriously and maintain the strictest level of confidentiality.

Therefore if any student feels depressed (miserable, unhappy, sad, dejected or down), worried (anxious, troubled, upset or restless), stressed (tense) please do not hesitate to see the school counselors as soon as possible.

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